College and Career Day is open to area students

College and Career Day is open to area students

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High school seniors have many options after the last class has finished and graduation is a memory. Trying to explore those options firsthand can be a challenge, as travel to numerous possible schools is beyond the available resources of most families.

Fortunately, dozens of schools, businesses and professional opportunities will be gathered at Kent State University at Tuscarawas on Friday, Sept. 30 for the second annual College and Career Day. Area students are welcome to attend the free event, and schools will allow students to take the day to attend.

“Last year was the first time we gave this a try,” said Lindsey Tidrick, counselor at Strasburg Schools and president of Tuscarawas Area Counselor Association, organizer of the event. “There were 65 colleges, businesses and trade schools attending last year, and we have more than 30 confirmed for this year so far. It is a great way to see many options and talk to a lot of people in one place.”

Tuscarawas Area Counselor Association began 15 years ago as area school counselors came together to discuss best practices, continue with professional development and share ideas.

“We have always been active, but last year we wanted to be a little more proactive,” Tidrick said. “The College and Career Day is one of the activities we created, and it was very successful.”

The organization held a teen mental health night earlier this year.

No matter what a student may be considering for the future, there should be information that will point the way forward at the College and Career Day.

“There are two- and four-year programs represented, vocational training, military options, and businesses presenting what they have to offer. Everyone, it seems, is in need of good employees right now, and companies benefit from being able to talk to potential workers. The day is a win for students and for colleges and businesses.”

College and Career Day is set up similarly to a tailgate party, Tidrick said, and is held in the parking lot outside the university.

“Everyone who participates gets a space and a table,” she said. “Students can get a lot of good information from a large number of sources all in one place. They wouldn’t likely be able to talk to so many people otherwise.”

She said feedback from attendees on both sides of the table was excellent in 2021.

“We know that the key to success in any job is to find what you really love to do and stick with it,” Tidrick said. “The saying is to do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, and that’s so. The Career Day allows kids to look for the thing they might like to make a career of. If you’re doing something that is important to you and that you care about, success and money fall into place much more easily. We’re pleased to provide a venue for kids to see some of the many possibilities open to them.”

A few of the schools and businesses scheduled to attend the College and Career Day are Ashland University, Aultman College of Nursing and Health, Eleet Cryogenics, Heidelberg University, Muskingum University, Ohio University, United States Army Academy at West Point, ProVia, and Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 495. The list is sure to surpass last year, Tidrick said.

Students should contact their school counselor for more information or check the Tuscarawas Area Counselor Association Facebook page.